February 23, 2009

Think Pink!

Had an interesting conversation with Ben today. I should preface by telling you that Ben has shown some serious interest in pink stuff lately. The donut shop lady recognizes him each weekend, and fills his pink-donut-with-sprinkles order before we even hit the counter.

Anyway . . . He told me he wanted a pink monster truck. I kind of ignored the comment, and reminded him that he has three new monster trucks sitting on the fireplace mantel, and that once he poops in the potty he’ll get to open them {yes, this is our current non-working bribery tactic}.

Fast forward a couple of hours, we’re at Target and see Sherry and her boys. Sherry takes all the boys to look at the toys {I had to grab diapers}, and when Cameron and I catch up Ben is telling Sherry that he wants a pink monster truck. Sam {who is three, going on four} looks at Ben and says, “The pink one is for girls." At this point I was just thankful they were sold out!

A little bit later . . . . Home, sweet home. New Superman monster truck in hand, Ben is getting ready for his nap. He sets aside the mega-manly Superman truck and says to me, sweet as pie, “Mommy, I want a pink monster truck.”

YIKES. Here we go again.

“Well, Ben, the pink monster truck is for the little girls, and the ones you have are for little boys.”

Ben looks at me like I’ve lost my mind.

I continue . . . “See, Ben, you have a blue one, and an orange one. Here’s the red truck one, and the black one with the American flag. All of these are for little boys.”

Ben: “Then I be a girl.”

{Deep breath, Amanda, you can handle this and still make Greg proud} I took a moment, recovered, and quickly snatched up all the monster trucks stating that he couldn’t have them anymore since they were for little boys . . . .

Without any hesitation he yelled, “Ben a boy now, Ben be a little boy!!!”

All’s well that ends well.

PS Greg was proud!



  1. I think I am going to get Ben a pink monster truch for his third birhtday...I think I will be his favorite Aunt Coco...now that is genius!

  2. If it makes you feel any better- Ella has "I want to be a boy" moments like when she insists on trying to go to the bathroom standing up!


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