March 21, 2007

Life with dogs

Benjamin loves, and I mean loves, his dogs. He also loves their accessories. Yesterday I found several pairs of my underwear in their water bowl. One morning Chloe was barking in the utility room (where I keep the water bowl), and the bowl was so full of Ben's toys that she couldn't get a drink. It's rare, but Ben does hang out in their dog bed from time to time.

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March 07, 2007

My sanity . . .

Tonight I was washing out a pot, when Greg yelled "AMANDA!!!" and ran across the kitchen to rescue Ben from, well, himself. I think I aged five years. Two minutes later, I opened the dishwasher door (camera in hand, just in case) and Ben climbed up like he'd been doing it all his life. He took his first steps yesterday. Pray for Ben's safety, then pray for my sanity!!

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Double Trouble

Ben and Paige kept the grown-ups on their toes this weekend at the cabin. The babies played with tennis balls, then swapped some spit and shared their colds. We had a great time!
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