April 22, 2012

Celebrating 90!

Our Birthday Boy!

My brilliant grandfather, Big Jim, is going to be 90 in a few days.  He is so dear to me.  When I was about four, Big Jim bought me a new ice cream cone after I had dropped mine on the pavement.  I'm certain it was inevitable, but I've positively adored him ever since. 

Big Jim with yet another adoring fan!

Our family met up in Dallas this weekend to raise our glasses in his honor!   We gathered in Dallas and ate fried chicken with all the fixin's.  The little kids aren't so little anymore--not a baby among us--so this year they busied themselves with soccer, sidewalk chalk and loving on Jenni's puppy, Bella the English Labrador. 

Their home is so neat for entertaining--and their backyard is nothing short of magical.  Several homes back to a huge green space, filled with giant oak trees . . .  The ground is carpeted with soft green grass and moss.  The sunlight is dappled, filtered by the trees--it's a photographers heaven!

Paige, Cameron & Ben

Smiles all around--a favorite picture of mine.

The tooth fairy visited this little angel recently! 
And her sweet momma flat-ironed her hair!  Doesn't she look grown-up?

Ben was all smiles--outside and in his element!

Cameron thought she was in Pixie Hollow!

She lacked fairy dust, but certainly not imagination!

Hunting for things to make Tinkerbell's home . . . 

Blowing out his candles . . .

Sweet Colin & Big Jim . . .  He is so loved--truly--by so many!

It was a grand celebration for an indescribeable man, a great man.  His bride of over sixty years by his side, surrounded by his children, grandchildren and five of his great-grandchildren. 

Happy Birthday, Big Jim.  Happy Birthday to You!!!

April 07, 2012

Easter Pictures

Easter morning may be my favorite photo opp.  The kids are always dressed in their sweetest spring duds, and the early spring light is gently filtered in my quiet backyard.  Fresh haircuts, trimmed fingernails--bright-eyed & bushy-tailed kiddos.
I love the combination of their clothes--a sweet linen dress, smocked and woven with pink & gold threads for her, and a cotton dress shirt trimmed with a chambray blue linen collar for him . . .  He has some new sperry's and she has darling strappy flats with oversized flowers. 

The star jasmine is in full bloom--the perfect backdrop. 

The camera is new with a fully-charged battery. 

Even the weather forecast is perfect. 

And then, just for a tiny second, the adults turn their backs. 

And this happens.

So happy about having his picture taken post-injury.

Benjamin: 0       Antique Bamboo Coat Rack: 1

And I transition from humming "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" to another childhood favorite, "No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed". 

Truth be told, I will still take their pictures--I just won't have them framed! 
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