April 26, 2007

April news

Since my camera is in 'the shop', I've neglected the Blog a bit. Thought I would give all my far-away friends an update on Benjamin, sans pictures. Ben loves to say "Daddy", "Doggie", "Uh-oh". He can say "Mom", but I don't think he knows it's me yet. He loves sweet potatoes, French toast and blue berries. Loves, loves, loves walking around the house with a blanket draped over his head, and yes, he does run into things. He loves his MP3 Player from Target. Loves rough-housing with his Daddy every night. Loves to dance. He walks everywhere now, and has started to run just a bit. He does some version of touch-down, high-five, and sticking out his tongue. He gives really big open-mouthed kisses to anything and everything! He HATES peas and green beans. He's not crazy about corn, either. He cries every time we pull down the attic stairs (the sound, maybe?). He's scared of a little yellow bear that talks, and a green glow worm that sings a night-night song. That's all for now . . . Stay tuned for pictures as soon as I get my camera back!

April 09, 2007


I've been posting all of my favorite (sweet, posed, perfect) pictures over the last year, and some 'real' pictures seem long overdue. Ben loves, and I mean loves, sticking his fingers up his nose. I ignore him, and yet he persists. I suppose he is rewarded often enough for his efforts. Gross. And the last picture is his "I'm so cool, I did a one-armed touch-down for Mom" face. I love this kid.

April 01, 2007

One is fun!

Lots of firsts . . . First birthday, first candle, first massive dose of sugar. Ben had a great day! He seemed to know the festivities were planned, and so skipped his afternoon nap. He was quite the prince. When the last guest left and the sugar high wore off, thankfully, he took his nap.
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