September 15, 2006

Six Months

Benjamin is officially twenty four weeks old today! He's getting busier and busier, rolling over and practicing the fine art of sitting up. He now sleeps on his tummy, with his adorable little nose squished into his bumper pads. Moving him wakes him up, so we've learned, finally, to let our sleeping baby sleep.
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September 12, 2006

Bouncy Benjamin

Ben borrowed a bouncy seat during his latest trip to Midland, thank heavens! He spent some quality time with the Blue Fish, Red Bird and Yellow Lion. Is there anything better than a happy baby?
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September 02, 2006

Twenty Two Weeks

Benjamin loves to play with those toes! He's either munching on his fingers or chewing on his toes. He weighed in at 16-1/2 pounds this week, and two bottom teeth are on their way. Still not sleeping through the night, but all in good time. And time does fly when you're having fun!
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