February 26, 2008


Ben's Big Daddy sent him a swing set for Christmas. Now all the child wants to do is go outside (ow-eye, if you ask Ben). I love it. I love watching him play. I love, even more, watching Greg and Ben play together. Thank you, Big Daddy. You made Ben's year!!!

February 08, 2008

Big Boy

Ben is turning into a big boy before our very eyes . . . He's eating at the table, using his fork and spoon (some times, anyway), he is even brushing his own teeth. Benjamin likes things 'just so'. He fixes the shutters if they're not at the right (90 degree) angle, complains if Greg's shirt is un-tucked, and loves to toss out trash. I do, on occasion, catch him dumpster-diving. Next on the list to tackle, the transition from crib to big boy bed. Wish us luck!
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