July 31, 2006

Nap Strike

Lots of little power naps today, resulting in an early bed-time tonight. Sweet Ben continues to resist the long nap . . . That said, he wakes up cheery every morning. His newest trick, laughs and giggles as soon as we put him in the crib for the much-needed naps. It's nearly impossible to tell him "sweet dreams" and walk away!
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July 29, 2006


Ben loves his Bumbo chair! He bobbles around, and gets a great view of the world. He definitely prefers the Bumbo over tummy time. He's been for his four month shots, and weighs 14-1/2 pounds now. We can't believe he's nearly double his birth weight. He's growing up so fast!!
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July 17, 2006

15 Weeks

Already giving us "the look"! He's due for four month shots this week, which I dread. Can't believe how quickly the days go by, wish I could slow it down somehow. Ben looks more and more like his dad every day . . .

July 12, 2006

Smiles, smiles and more smiles!

The world's happiest baby must be Benjamin James (unless he goes without the much needed nap, then he's a crab-apple). He continues to light up our world with sweet baby-talk, enormous grins, and music-to-our-ears, laughter.

July 11, 2006


We snapped this picture after getting back from the airport on Saturday. Benjamin, savvy traveler, was happy to be home. Greg was happy to have us back home, too! Ben continues to love his carseat, and if we drive far enough, I'm guaranteed a little nap. Three cheers for the Graco carseat!

July 10, 2006

Ben & Paige!

We took our first big trip to Midland for the 4th of July! Ben and Paige made fast friends . . . Paige held Ben's hand at every opportunity, and Ben blew bubbles accordingly.
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