September 18, 2009

So long, Tagalongs!

Anyone else out there obsessed with Tagalongs & Samoas? Gotta love those Girl Scout cookies, but it's a little hard on a craving when something can only be found for a measly three weeks a year . . .

We have a new-found substitute in our house. The great news is that the Walmart brand wanna-be's are every bit as good as the original. The bad news is that they are every bit as good as the original, and available year-round. To my super-cute skinny jeans hanging in my closet, I may need a vacation from you!

We opened the package last night about eight o'clock. There are five cookies left . . .

Make that four.

September 09, 2009

All Aglow!!

Did ya'll know we finally have a family picture again? As in, my darling daughter is nearing seventeen months and there isn't a single picture with the five of us {we count Ellie} in existence? I've turned into "that girl". You know, the one who's late, sporting dirty hair clothes, running late, craving coffee ten minutes before dinner . . . I digress . . .

I give you, with much excitement, new family pictures! My darling, darling friend Amy blessed us with this gift. The gift of captured memories, of talent, the gift of simple grace. I will treasure these photos forever . . .

I highly recommend that you scoot on over to check out her new site, Aglow, and promptly book your own shoot with this clever gal. She'll capture your heart with the images caught on her camera.

September 07, 2009

Sticks and Stones

Coco, Big Daddy and I took the little ones down the river one morning in Ruidoso . . . Where Ben found a stick he especially liked. After throwing some river stones from a toddler-safe distance, Ben decided to test the water . . . Nevermind that we had cautioned him to "be careful by the water or your sneakers will get soaking wet" . . . Ben jumped right in! Feet first, naturally.

The pictures aren't necessarily spectacular, but the fun most definitely was.


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