March 19, 2006

More of Baby's Room . . .

The Nursery

Know we'll spend many hours curled in the cozy chair. Greg has already started reading books to Baby, and we know this will be a treasured tradition once Baby arrives. The plate rack (serving as book & toy storage) is the first piece of furniture we bought together as a married couple . . . We can't wait to bring Baby home to show him his room!

The Nursery

The Crib

The all-important crib. Many thanks to Aunt Courtney in Midland, as she took all the fabrics to Graham Kracker to be made into baby linens. We especially love the sweet puppy dog print above his crib . . .

March 11, 2006

Thanksgiving 2005

The Burkett Family

Here we are . . . Thanksgiving Day 2005. Our first official family picture including Baby Boy (who's due April 10th). Amanda is five months pregnant, and life as we know it has already included some dramatic changes. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

It's a BOY!

Baby Boy Burkett

It's official, Greg and Amanda are having a baby BOY! Amanda is still recovering from the news, and Greg is estatic! We both had ourselves convinced that this baby was a girl . . . So much for instinct! Baby looks perfect, with ten fingers and ten toes. We can't wait to start planning his room . . .
Now for the 'name game'!
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