July 31, 2007


Ben's got two 'lovies', a blue blanket (Limited Edition, I can't get another one to save my life) and a little lamb that sings "Lullaby" given to him from my cherished friend Pat. Both are completely necessary in this house, to snuggle with, to sleep with, to console a teething toddler. Ben runs up to me with his lamb shouting "Mama, Mama" until I make it play the song. And the blue blanket, the poor blue blanket, gets dragged around this house all day long. It has to sit on the table next to the high chair while he eats. And he chews on the Amy Coe tag, until it's BROWN. Now the whole corner of the blanket is brown, but I think Ben likes it much better stinky and brown than freshly laundered with lots of Oxy Baby.

July 15, 2007

Water Baby

Ben loves the water. Loves it. Bath time, swimming, playing on the patio with the rain water that falls off the roof. He now loves the big slide at the Country Club. I'm just thankful my swimsuit stayed on!

July 11, 2007

Toddler woes . . .

Ben has been a PILL the last few days. He is cutting two molars, so at least he has an excuse for his behavior. I think he decided he prefers life in Ruidoso to life at home with me. Last night he threw five fits in a matter of minutes, all on the kitchen floor. I ignored him, so the fits didn't last very long. The first fit was because I wouldn't let him eat the dog's food. The second was because he spit milk on the floor, so I took his milk away. The third was because he wanted more milk. The fourth and fifth, I don't even remember. I hope this isn't the beginning of the terrible twos!

July 07, 2007


Midland, then Ruidoso, then back to Midland again! Benjamin had a blast on his summer vacation. He spent the first several days acting shy, then became Mr. Personality. Paige (22 months) was a little uncertain of "Baby" and "Amanka", and she never did warm up to Greg. Big Daddy (my dad) showed Ben the geese at the pond, which Ben found hysterical. Kate (my mom) introduced him to M&M's, another big hit. And sweet Paige shared her Mr. Potato-Head with anyone who would play with her. Ben's favorite part of the whole trip was swimming in the blow-up pools and the big pool at Ruidoso!
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