July 07, 2007


Midland, then Ruidoso, then back to Midland again! Benjamin had a blast on his summer vacation. He spent the first several days acting shy, then became Mr. Personality. Paige (22 months) was a little uncertain of "Baby" and "Amanka", and she never did warm up to Greg. Big Daddy (my dad) showed Ben the geese at the pond, which Ben found hysterical. Kate (my mom) introduced him to M&M's, another big hit. And sweet Paige shared her Mr. Potato-Head with anyone who would play with her. Ben's favorite part of the whole trip was swimming in the blow-up pools and the big pool at Ruidoso!

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad that you had fun; Ben couldn't be any cuter! I'm also glad that you're home :)


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