October 31, 2007

Silly Monkey

This child is a monkey, through and through! He was MOST UPSET about his costume until we got him outside with all the neighbors. Candy, hot dogs and pumpkin rolling (Ben's idea) made for a great night!

Boys will be boys!

Yesterday, Ben delighted me with his antics. Then infuriated me when he decided the piece of chicken parmesan in his mouth was no longer to his liking, so he pulled it out and threw it. ON ME. Then he peed all over the floors on the way to the bathtub. This really got me laughing, but I could have done without the necessary clean-up. Just before bed time, he brought me his very own booger. I'm learning more and more about the limitless love of a mother.

October 17, 2007

Big Foot & other Ben-isms

Random thoughts, all of these, but I haven't Blogged much lately, so here goes:

  • Big Foot Ben started out the summer in size 4-1/2 shoes, and as of yesterday he's a size 8. Please let up Kiddo, your shoes are costing more than mine!

  • Jibber Jabber. Baby talk is big on Ben's daily to-do list. I have no idea what he's saying, but most of it is said with conviction. I love the way it sounds . . .

  • SO SHY! I walked into the pet store the other the day, and the minute the lady behind the counter said hello to Ben, his chin hit his chest, he closed his eyes and went into "Shut Down Mode". He does this wherever we go, and the only response I can get from him is to hold his arms up to be held. Greg and I were both shy as children, and I love it that Ben still feels safe in my arms.

  • Bye-bye is code for I'm done with that now, you can go away, or turn off the TV.

  • BAD DOG. Ellie, my (formerly) sweet shih tzu, bit Ben the other night. I'm still secretly furious with her. Ben's feelings were so hurt, and I can't say that I blame him.

  • Rainy day. We had a delicious rainy afternoon on Monday, and Ben hung out by the front window (on the dog bed) for about an hour. He just drank his smoothie, talked to me on occasion, and watched the rain. I was shocked that he stayed in one place for so long.

October 03, 2007


Ben is in love with airplanes, helicopters and birds these days. Lizards are also on the current cool list, but they don't compete with flying objects. Every airplane we hear, we stop whatever we're doing and run to the window to scope it out. On the days when I'm not too sick, we go for walks and look for planes. During the evenings, he scopes out the skies with his Daddy. Pictures attached are my happy boy eating an 'airplane', basically cornbread, but he plays like it's an airplane. Whatever works!
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