October 03, 2007


Ben is in love with airplanes, helicopters and birds these days. Lizards are also on the current cool list, but they don't compete with flying objects. Every airplane we hear, we stop whatever we're doing and run to the window to scope it out. On the days when I'm not too sick, we go for walks and look for planes. During the evenings, he scopes out the skies with his Daddy. Pictures attached are my happy boy eating an 'airplane', basically cornbread, but he plays like it's an airplane. Whatever works!


  1. Glad to see that you are able to blog a lttle. I always enjoy seeing how your little man is growing. What a Cutie!

  2. I miss Mr. Ben and You, Sweetie. He looks like a happy boy! I hope to see you soon...much love, and prayers.


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