October 31, 2007

Boys will be boys!

Yesterday, Ben delighted me with his antics. Then infuriated me when he decided the piece of chicken parmesan in his mouth was no longer to his liking, so he pulled it out and threw it. ON ME. Then he peed all over the floors on the way to the bathtub. This really got me laughing, but I could have done without the necessary clean-up. Just before bed time, he brought me his very own booger. I'm learning more and more about the limitless love of a mother.


  1. You are such a delicate, sweet, girl. How are you gonna make it? Love really goes a LONG way. It is amazing how these little ones can make you surprise yourself with your unknown capabilities. You are the BEST! I can't wait to hear more.

  2. Oh Amanda. How I hear your pain, except what I hear even more often is stomping down the hallway on the way to time-out, with sass and more sass. Albeit, they usually obey, in the fact that they head right there, but instead of the appropriate "yes, mam", that I normally get, it is "okay, mommy, okay, mommy, okay, mommy...with I would say would be with a large amount of SASS!!! So, no matter what the gender we still all have our own doses of attitude!! You are a great Mommy!!!

    ;) Sharla


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