March 31, 2012

Birthday Boy!

My six-year-old studmuffin!

Still running and jumping, pretty much everywhere he goes!

Little sister attempted to drown Ben on his birthday!

It's a good thing she's cute {and she now knows Ben is not a floating device}!

Hard to find his baby face now . . . 

This little sweetheart didn't like all the backyard action.

I might have forced her to sit with me and watch the jumbo splashes.

Love!  Love!  Love them so!!

They think their momma is pretty funny! 

Make a wish, Ben!!

Cameron-girl wants to help Ben with his birthday candles.

Looks like six year olds don't need help with their candles.

That's right--he knocked 'em all out with one blow!

Oh dear.  This is not going to end well.

Someone get that poor child a piece of chocolate cake!

March 20, 2012

Spring Chaos

As I type, I am being pampered at Salon Cameron Elizabeth.  She has sprayed my hair with pink & purple paint so that I will look like Merliah the Mermaid.  Next up is the {actual} hairdryer, followed by a quick check with the stethoscope, and then some more much-needed work with the {pretend} straightener.  If only she could touch up my roots. 

Spring Break wasn't much of a break, but it was definitely action-packed.  The hi-light was a four-day whirlwind trip to Midland Texas, where we drank lemonade and chased it with cold/cough syrup.  Ben had breathing treatments around the clock and we determined that sleep was for the weak.  Events included Mr. Gatti's bumper cars, pottery painting, serious furniture moving {Coco's house}, U-Haul rental, more furniture moving {Kate's house}, a quick trip to Toys R Us, Orange Leaf yogurt, and a whole lot of quality time in the car--eighteen hours to be exact--with a puppy in tow. 

Speaking of puppies, Coco has two little love-bugs, Annabelle & Emma, both of whom tolerated our Holly quite well.  It was fun to see all the Cavaliers together--five in total. 

Annabelle & Emma

My kids spent as much time as possible out in the West Texas wind, soaking up the sunshine and swinging with Paige.  They LOVE their cousin Paige . . .  I was horrible about taking pictures, but did get a couple happy shots of them swinging!

I've mentioned my parents moved back . . .  West Texas is simply home to them.  While it's been hard to see them go, we want happiness for our Big Dad and Kate.  Their new home is quite a bit smaller, and the downsize led to "French Country Estate Sale" of sorts.  My sister inherited a beautiful provincial buffet a deux corps and a killer chest of drawers.  She also snagged a tole tea canister lamp and a pair of candle-lit lanterns.  I scored a trestle base kitchen table and a reclaimed wood coffee table from one of my favorite companies, Sarried.  There is also a chair & ottoman, a pine console table and a small provincial chest.  SO MUCH FUN!  I love a silver lining! 

I will take more house pictures as soon as we get things squared away . . .  Right now it's fruit-basket-turnover at Chez Burkett! 

March 13, 2012

The great big blogosphere

Today I am walking on sunshine.

I've loved {and stalked, although always from the confines of my house, which should prove I'm not scary} Joni Webb of Cote de Texas for years.  She writes a delicious blog on all things design related, with a focus on my favorite, French style.  Also an interior designer, her work has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Houston House & Home, HGTV.  Cote de Texas has been listed as a must-see in top shelter mags--House Beautiful & Southern Living.  Her top ten list makes me want to swoon . . .  And the pictures, my goodness, the pictures are always amazing.  I pin like mad after nearly every one of her posts! 

Today, she has done a write-up on me and my little roost. 

Makes we want to do cartwheels! 

My humble house is such a work-in-progress.  We love our little money-pit, and have just about fixed all of the non-fun stuff {A/C & heater, roof, plumbing leaks, stairs, flooring and more}.  We've tweaked nearly every light fixture, replaced vent covers and outlet covers, painted trim and walls just about everywhere.  The fireplace was a major overhaul.  It's been well worth the blood, sweat & tears. 

We're finally getting to the good stuff.  I can spend time thinking about things like fabric and trim, antiques and furnishings.  I have renewed my ASID membership, and filed my official business name in the great state of Texas {more on that soon}.  I feel like I have finally climbed out of the trenches of very-early motherhood.  I'm still a stay-at-home mom . . .  I just finally have a little breathing room. 

And, for a girl who just loves design, it's a dream come true to be able to make this home beautiful. 

And speaking of making this house beautiful, I think my pretty new sectional needs some pillows. Here are some contenders . . . Aubusson is a favorite of mine, but some linen mixed in would be wonderful, too. 

I will need several--it's a big sectional!!  And I think I may run over to Tuesday Morning and see if they have any of these left . . .  Something tells me that I wont be completely happy using Cameron's many pink blankies . . .

You can have them monogrammed online--Peacock Alley has discontinued these throws.  I think they're lovely!  And my little people sure do love to snuggle up with blankets . . . 

Back to Cloud Nine.  More soon--and thank you, all of you, again!

March 05, 2012

happy randomness

"A little bit of this and a little bit of that" seemed like a good title, too. 

My husband took me sofa shopping before Christmas.  We spent the day together in Houston--Greg let me hunt to my heart's content {he had his smart phone, he was happy, too}.  After finding some options, but not, you know, the one, I asked if we had enough time to visit my all-time favorite furniture store, Quatrine.  Hubs of the Year said "Sure, let's go."  I was happily drooling away thirty minutes later, oohing and aahing over their fabrics and trims.  The adorable manager came over to ask if I knew about the Christmas sale, half off any custom sectional??  I nearly fainted.  Greg had to sit down with his smart phone. 

Fast forward three months, and I am the deliriously happy owner of a custom Quatrine sectional, slipped in linen, trimmed out with a tiny flat-welt linen stripe.  It's kiddo friendly, as in fully washable.  Greg--I love it--thank you!

Ellie found it to her liking immediately.  We all fit.  All four of us and two dogs happily fit, spread out and/or curled up.  It finally feels like a family room. 

Need to order some more pillows.  And may need some blankets before next winter . . .  One thing at a time! 

Now, it's been a pretty exciting week for little old me--new furniture, a new puppy, and a new camera!!!  Also a tremendous gift--from my hubby's parents--as a sweet thank you for helping them update/upgrade their beautiful home.  I am so grateful.  I love to document this sweet life, to capture the milestones and the sweet, small moments.  It's a creative outlet and so much more. 

Today was my first day to play photographer, and I have a lot to learn, but it's so exciting!  So, here are some practice pictures . . . 

Holly is busy-busy-busy.  Growing, eating, chewing, chasing, sleeping . . . never a dull moment with a puppy in the house.  She nestles into the nearest lap she can find, true to her breed, she is a companion.  This week she's learning how to sit and we're working on come.  We're also busily digging up the nandina in the backyard--which is toxic to her tiny tummy. 

More camera practice--and I don't think I ever posted my kitchen with the updated fridge?  I don't remember . . . 

Spring Break is right around the corner.  We've got Sea World and Midland, Texas on the itinerary, so stay tuned.  I plan to take a TON of pictures--and will hopefully master the video part of my camera! 

In the mean time, Holly sends kisses!

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