March 31, 2012

Birthday Boy!

My six-year-old studmuffin!

Still running and jumping, pretty much everywhere he goes!

Little sister attempted to drown Ben on his birthday!

It's a good thing she's cute {and she now knows Ben is not a floating device}!

Hard to find his baby face now . . . 

This little sweetheart didn't like all the backyard action.

I might have forced her to sit with me and watch the jumbo splashes.

Love!  Love!  Love them so!!

They think their momma is pretty funny! 

Make a wish, Ben!!

Cameron-girl wants to help Ben with his birthday candles.

Looks like six year olds don't need help with their candles.

That's right--he knocked 'em all out with one blow!

Oh dear.  This is not going to end well.

Someone get that poor child a piece of chocolate cake!


  1. Happy 6th Birthday Ben!! You'll be ready to jump back in that pool after the park today. Looks like the next 4 weeks will be full of birthdays in their class! Hopefully our pool will be ready for swimming next weekend since it's still a little green right now.

    1. You are precious!! Thank you!! We can't wait to celebrate with you all today! PS Greg had to do some serious pool prep before we could swim!

  2. And Emilia said your puppy is sooo cute! Holly is getting so big :-)

    1. Tell Emilia we need to plan a play-date so she can meet Holly!


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