April 07, 2012

Easter Pictures

Easter morning may be my favorite photo opp.  The kids are always dressed in their sweetest spring duds, and the early spring light is gently filtered in my quiet backyard.  Fresh haircuts, trimmed fingernails--bright-eyed & bushy-tailed kiddos.
I love the combination of their clothes--a sweet linen dress, smocked and woven with pink & gold threads for her, and a cotton dress shirt trimmed with a chambray blue linen collar for him . . .  He has some new sperry's and she has darling strappy flats with oversized flowers. 

The star jasmine is in full bloom--the perfect backdrop. 

The camera is new with a fully-charged battery. 

Even the weather forecast is perfect. 

And then, just for a tiny second, the adults turn their backs. 

And this happens.

So happy about having his picture taken post-injury.

Benjamin: 0       Antique Bamboo Coat Rack: 1

And I transition from humming "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" to another childhood favorite, "No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed". 

Truth be told, I will still take their pictures--I just won't have them framed! 


  1. Oh, poor baby! I hope that didn't feel as bad as it looks! Happy Easter....probably no injury a basket full of goodies won't fix. :)

    1. Kim--the Easter basket helped considerably! So did a bunch of boo-boo cream {for the actual injury} and some fresh strawberry gelato {for the injured and the poor mother who had to play nurse}. Love--A

  2. Amanda, Sorry this happened to Ben. Your description, however, made me laugh so hard. We can live in our dream worlds, but, rarely, does it work out. :)


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