March 30, 2010

Birthday Eve

We've nearly made it another year . . . Another amazing year with this heaven-sent boy. If I type away about this year with this boy, I'm sure to get sappy. Instead, I give you pictures!

From the camo-bandaid to the missing front tooth, he is boy through and through. He took to his new bike like a duck to water {thanks Big Dad & Kate}. Ben, kiddo, thanks for teaching your momma to love dirty fingernails and monster trucks. Happy 4th Birthday!

PS Cameron recovered from the unveiling of big brother's new Rip Rider nicely, thanks to her Minnie Mouse backpack {courtesy of her Mimi, thank you Mimi}.

March 18, 2010

a quick note from the magic kingdom

Live from Disney World! Two tiny people have soaked it up, the sun, the characters, the junk food! The bigger people are sporting fever blisters and are running out of clean socks. Jim & Diane lovingly invited us and the Bulcroft clan to join them, and we have partied like under-aged rock-stars! A gazillion laughs, tons of Purell, and magical memories sum it all up!

More soon. Well, probably not soon. The mere thought of laundry is taking up free time as I type . . .

March 08, 2010

Picture this . . .

Sweet, happy children, rested and energetic. Three grown-ups yelling directing. Tons of brilliant, beautiful sunshine. Did I mention one of the grown-ups is none other than the talented Allison of Blue Mutt Photography {lovely sister to the lovely Michele}. This was, without a doubt, my lucky day.

These pictures stir my soul. I grin happily at the faces in them.

Allison, thank you . . . these pictures are a cherished gift.

March 05, 2010

a documentary {in pictures} of a happy girl and her bed-head

Kim, if you're reading this, I stand corrected. No amount of Noodle and Boo anything can fix brillo-pad bed-head. I think Vaseline may be our only hope!
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