March 18, 2010

a quick note from the magic kingdom

Live from Disney World! Two tiny people have soaked it up, the sun, the characters, the junk food! The bigger people are sporting fever blisters and are running out of clean socks. Jim & Diane lovingly invited us and the Bulcroft clan to join them, and we have partied like under-aged rock-stars! A gazillion laughs, tons of Purell, and magical memories sum it all up!

More soon. Well, probably not soon. The mere thought of laundry is taking up free time as I type . . .


  1. how sweet and fun - now i want to go on a vacation!!!! hurry home!

  2. Hey friend- thank you for your comment on my blog. You are the sweetest!! Sometimes, I wonder who still reads. I still visit yours every so often. I love the words you write, so little... yet so much. Love you girl!


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