March 08, 2010

Picture this . . .

Sweet, happy children, rested and energetic. Three grown-ups yelling directing. Tons of brilliant, beautiful sunshine. Did I mention one of the grown-ups is none other than the talented Allison of Blue Mutt Photography {lovely sister to the lovely Michele}. This was, without a doubt, my lucky day.

These pictures stir my soul. I grin happily at the faces in them.

Allison, thank you . . . these pictures are a cherished gift.


  1. OH Amanda........I LOOVVEE These!!! I want these kind of pictures of my Rylee!! You're babies are so adorable!! I know you're SOOO incredibly smitten! I miss you- call me anytime! XOXO

  2. really great pictures of some really great kiddos.

  3. These are so gorgeous, honey as are those sweet babies! Can't wait until you are back and we can play!


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