September 30, 2008

Tea Party

One of Paige's favorite things to do is have a tea party with Big Daddy. Ben jumped right in, and served lots of 'hot tea' to his customers. He even blew on it for us so that we wouldn't burn our tongues!


Promised pictures


Getting back in the groove

We're home! HOME!! And I'm a home-body, so I'm delighted to be back. The power was restored Friday, but Greg already had plane tickets to come spend the weekend with us in Midland, so we had a final hurrah before scooting back.

Our trip to my hometown was so wonderful. Really, really a much needed vacation to my home-away-from-home. We had such a good time. Many, many pictures to follow.

We're getting back in the groove. The fridge is slowly but surely getting re-stocked. The giant piles of laundry are shrinking. The front yard, well that's another story. But soon it will be cooler, and maybe this is the time to plant a crepe myrtle. Always wanted one.

Pictures from the storm. The sweet squirrel hunkered down (sorry, couldn't resist) for the second half of the storm in his little house right outside our breakfast room window.


September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Well, we're still here. But not in The Woodlands. Nope, I think Benjamin and I could have survived living on dry goods and sweating it out sans air conditioner . . . But Cameron, she's an indoor girl. So, it goes a little something like this:

Stay put for the storm. Prep, prep, prep. Hunker down!! Wonder for a good twenty four hours why we decided to stay put. Hunker down some more.

Survive our first official hurricane. Otherwise known as Ike. We made the most of it, had a picnic, some Hurricane Ike birthday cake, and spent countless hours on the bathroom floor playing with Play-Doh. Then it started to get hot. Really hot. And weird spiders and bugs (oh, and lizards, too) started moving in . . .

So, we evacuated. To Dallas. Aunt Linda and Uncle Bobby took us in, so graciously, and we ate wonderful food and enjoyed all of the modern conveniences we have come to love. Mainly air conditioning.

And now we (the kids and I) are in Midland. A landing spot. A home away from home. I've never been so happy to sit at a laptop and just type. The A/C is cranked down, the kids are sleeping away in their little beds, and I've just downed a bunch of M&M's and an Izze. Not too shabby.

I'll not stay for another hurricane, no matter how good the cake is. When I get back to The Woodlands, I'll post pictures of the giant tree that now resides upon my roof. And hopefully Entergy is wrong. Hopefully we'll get our power back before October.

My fingers are crossed!

Love to all of you . . . I'll be in touch. Am praying for each of you, for safe trips back to your hopefully fully-functioning homes.


September 10, 2008

Ben's day at the park

Ben does so love his grandparents! And I can't say that I blame him. They take him all kinds of wonderful places. The latest adventure, North Shore Park. Thanks for the great pictures, Papa!


Rice Cereal

Okay, you're going to give me rice cereal and I'm going to wear this bib.

This stuff is good right, Mommy?

What in the world did you just put in my mouth???

This. is. so. gross. You're going to pay for this.

Okay, praise the Lord, I can spit this out. I will be a picky eater just like my brother.


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