September 30, 2008

Getting back in the groove

We're home! HOME!! And I'm a home-body, so I'm delighted to be back. The power was restored Friday, but Greg already had plane tickets to come spend the weekend with us in Midland, so we had a final hurrah before scooting back.

Our trip to my hometown was so wonderful. Really, really a much needed vacation to my home-away-from-home. We had such a good time. Many, many pictures to follow.

We're getting back in the groove. The fridge is slowly but surely getting re-stocked. The giant piles of laundry are shrinking. The front yard, well that's another story. But soon it will be cooler, and maybe this is the time to plant a crepe myrtle. Always wanted one.

Pictures from the storm. The sweet squirrel hunkered down (sorry, couldn't resist) for the second half of the storm in his little house right outside our breakfast room window.


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