September 18, 2009

So long, Tagalongs!

Anyone else out there obsessed with Tagalongs & Samoas? Gotta love those Girl Scout cookies, but it's a little hard on a craving when something can only be found for a measly three weeks a year . . .

We have a new-found substitute in our house. The great news is that the Walmart brand wanna-be's are every bit as good as the original. The bad news is that they are every bit as good as the original, and available year-round. To my super-cute skinny jeans hanging in my closet, I may need a vacation from you!

We opened the package last night about eight o'clock. There are five cookies left . . .

Make that four.


  1. Cookies all two are my kind of girls!

  2. OMG! You are awesome and a curse! Those are my favorite cookies of all time! Thank God I have already been to the store this week!


  3. YUM and YUCK (that is the mess they deliver)! Why do you tell us these things.... I don't even need the temptation. I will have to try them now. Love ya girl!


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