October 05, 2009

House Notes

This sweet house is still a work-in-progress. This house and the people I share it with are among my greatest delights. I love the way sun shines in through the second floor windows. I love the view from my kitchen window. Love, love, love the sound of Ben and Cameron happily trotting down the stairs, one behind the other. We've been working hard in the yard, and it's starting to shape up. It's starting to come together. But we have a looooong ways to go . . .

We've had a couple of plumbing disasters. And a couple of weeks ago we noticed downstairs was seasonably warm. As in the A/C downstairs was cooling to an inside temp of 88. So last week we got a brand new air conditioner and furnace!! I can assure you, I'd much rather have some new furniture, a chandelier and of course there is the looming kitchen remodel that I can't stop thinking about. All in good time, right?

Here's one finished project. My parent's old headboard had some new life breathed into it by the adorable owner and artist of The Collection. I love the way it turned out.

Stay tuned for more . . . There's a sweet old rocking chair in my garage that's going to get a big face lift just in time for Cameron's big girl room. Or maybe I'll set a loftier goal and have it ready for Christmas. Think I'd better go get started . . .


  1. So sorry about the AC... really don't like paying for that stuff...

    I love your sweet house. I love the new headboard. Your house is all you already...which is just fab!

    hope to touch base soon!

  2. ooooo! I stopped by that shop last weekend and got so inspired!


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