September 09, 2009

All Aglow!!

Did ya'll know we finally have a family picture again? As in, my darling daughter is nearing seventeen months and there isn't a single picture with the five of us {we count Ellie} in existence? I've turned into "that girl". You know, the one who's late, sporting dirty hair clothes, running late, craving coffee ten minutes before dinner . . . I digress . . .

I give you, with much excitement, new family pictures! My darling, darling friend Amy blessed us with this gift. The gift of captured memories, of talent, the gift of simple grace. I will treasure these photos forever . . .

I highly recommend that you scoot on over to check out her new site, Aglow, and promptly book your own shoot with this clever gal. She'll capture your heart with the images caught on her camera.


  1. Amanda girl, you know how much I adore you!!! Thank you for the opportunity. It was fabulous...

  2. I adore the picture of Greg whispering in your ear!

  3. I've always maintained that happy people photograph beautifully and you 4 are the very picture of happiness. Thank you for sharing your smiles and upbeat observations with me!!
    Big hug, Kirsten

  4. beautiful! Amy did a fabulous job and you all are just glowing!


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