February 18, 2009

Snaggle-tooth Sweetie

At ten months old, she is still teeny-tiny. She is crawling like crazy, pulling up, & cruising around the coffee table. She adores Cheerios {like her big brother}. She hates vegetables {like her big brother}. She barks at Ellie, waves "hi", says "mama" and "dada". She's got a great fake cough. Her upper teeth have shown up on one side . . . Check out that little lop-sided grin! Her fever tells me that the next upper tooth will show up very soon. Love, love, love this girl!



  1. that little princess could not be more precious! i love her sweet smiles!!

  2. Love those teeth!!! She couldn't be more cute. Are you sure you and your sister aren't twins....you sure couldn't tell by your toes.

    By the way, I read your comment about J&K plus 8. I love having my kids greet me in my room in the morning. And the 30 mintues I can usually get them to snuggle me in there, keeps me in the bed until 7:30....precious times!!!!


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