February 28, 2009

Six little words . . .

Inspired by Beth Moore. I am. I'm currently devouring her book, "JESUS 90 Days with the One and Only". It is a book I will probably read once a year, much like my old favorite "Gone with the Wind" . . .

I'm a self-proclaimed blog lurker, and hers is my new favorite. I read Beth's post from Friday . . . And was once again inspired. Sum up your life in six words. My mind has been whirling, trying to find the perfect six-word description of this little life I lead. Of course, I scrolled through all the great comments left by those more brilliant {make that WAY more brilliant} than myself.

So here's what I came up with. And ya'll, I am not brilliant, nor am I wise. Just honest.

Undeniably lost. Undeservedly saved. Unmistakably blessed.



  1. I love your six words! I'm so glad you found our blog and read it...it is so fun!

  2. DIDO. Love the six words...I must read that one too.
    I must say...I disagree with you on one point. You are wise and I am thankful!

  3. Amazing six words - love it! You are amazing too!


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