January 01, 2009

Just a glimpse . . .

Into our week-long Christmas celebration. We began on Christmas Eve Eve with Greg's family, what fun! Then had our traditional (just the four of us) Christmas the following day, cinnamon rolls and hours of gift opening. And on the real Christmas Day we flew to Midland for round three, spent at Aunt Coco's, with Dustin, Paige, Big Daddy and Kate. The 26th we headed to Ruidoso for some much-needed snow and R&R at the cabin. It has become tradition to be sick for the holidays . . . Colds, coughs and the stomach bug. Oh my!

Santa delivered! Blankets for both, stockings full of goodies, toys galore. Ben loved his rescue helicopter, and Cameron immediately fell for Ryan the Zebra.

Ben's first snow . . . He loved it, as did Paige (age 3-1/2). They went sledding together, even built their first snowman with Uncle Dustin. I wish I had a picture of the poor little snowman. He looked like Jabba the Hut.

And finally, The Diva loved her chocolate souffle. Okay, it was organic prunes, but she ate it with abandon, I'm sure the same way she'll eat chocolate someday!

More pictures, soon. Okay, reality check. More pictures when I get caught up with the laundry, which could easily be the middle of next week.

Happy Birthday Jesus!


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