January 25, 2009

CRASHing with Cameron

CRASHing defined? Spend a little Christmas dough, charge my camera, jump in my car and head to Bryan, Texas for a full day camera course courtesy of the very fine Shauna Maness . . . with Cameron-girl in tow. It was tricky, juggling my nine-month old firecracker along with my cherished Canon, but it sure was fun.

Gracious and kind, as always, dear Shauna offered for me to bring Cameron Elizabeth. Even more fun, she suggested that we let the little doll be our morning model. Other than an hour-and-a-half crying jag on the way to Bryan, she was a happy camper. Cameron scooted around all morning, napped, then smiled her way into many a camera lens.

I have a lot to learn. Mainly, to override my camera. It's as tricky as it sounds for this novice. But I'm learning. Apertures, depth of field and shutter speed, oh my! All of my pictures came out blurred (I still don't know what I did wrong), but I'll keep on practicing. Practice makes perfect! And I think Shauna has captured perfection.

Thank you, dear teacher, for sharing your enthusiasm and your mind-blowing talent with a novice and her baby. Thank you, also, fellow wanna-be-photographers, for letting me be 'that girl' yesterday. As in, the one who showed up late to class WITH A BABY. You guys were all so kind, so helpful. I'm so grateful. Shutterbugs, rock it!



  1. Girlfriend, I wanted to take that class so bad and the only reason I didn't is because my camera was in the shop. I am so glad it was a positive experience for you, and so happy that Cameron got to be a model. They should have paid her for it being the hot DIVA she is. I think she has another class this summer that I hope to take. See you soon

  2. I LOVE Shauna Maness! I look at her blog all the time. She is great. And how fun that you got to take a course with her.


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