January 08, 2009

Top 10 Mommy Must Haves!

I'm starting a new trend . . . maybe! We'll see if this catches on . . . My Top 10 Mommy Must Haves.
Life just wouldn't be the same without 'em.

10. The Kid Tough DVD Player. It's tough enough to be dropped, and it comes with earphones. Need I say more to you who just braved the modern world with your little Christmas travelers?
We've also become big fans of the Kid Tough Camera and FP3 Player.

9. Lansinoh Diaper Rash Ointment. It has triple protection (lanolin, zinc oxide, dimethicone), and the best part, it goes on white and rubs in clear. Perfection, I promise.

8. Ian's All-Natural and Organic Food for Kids. Ben has a milk allergy, so this line of food really is perfect for us, but it's also a healthy alternative to some not-so-nutritious favorites. Sold at HEB, fair prices, gluten free. Their turkey corn dog bites are a big hit . . . I think I'm in love!

7. Noodle and Boo makes the most heavenly smelling baby products in the world. No I'm not exaggerating, although I do tend to exaggerate from time to time. Makes my little ones smell like angels. The Extra Gentle Shampoo is divine, the Conditioning Hair Polish can solve any case of bed-head, and the Ultimate Ointment is a miracle cream. It's on everybody's hot list in Hollywood, and you can get it from yours truly!

6. Tweezerman facial hair scissors are perfect for teeny-tiny fingernails. The rounded tips are safe, and the cutting edge is sharp. Tweezerman is gold-standard, and at $12/pair, the price is golden, too.

5. Oxi. As in OxiClean. They really are the stain specialists.

4. The coolest baby monitor around is from Bebe Sounds . . . Two videos, one tiny little monitor, and I can spy on my sleeping (or non-sleeping) babies any time I want! It's like reality tv, only it never fails to warm my heart, confirm my suspicions, and provide me with some really big laughs.

3. Cool Mom Picks. I check it daily. Fun and fresh ideas for hip moms like us!

2. Starbucks. We call it Fourbucks. I don't care, I can't live without my coffee fix.

1. Ziplocks. As in bags. Dirty diaper? Ziplock. Leftover lunch? Ziplock. Suckers, handi-wipes, bandaids, and more? In a Ziplock. My purse, my diaper bag, my suitcases, my car . . . They're everywhere!

Let me know what you can't live without , and I'll post my favorite response!


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  1. ooh, ooh! I love this!!!! I second each and every one of your tops! Mine is a great concealer. My favorite is Dior's...I know you are a laura mercier girl, and i love her stuff, but for me, the dior concealer covers a little more for these deep, dark circles!!


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