April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cameron-Girl!

Our Cameron-girl is one. Happy Birthday to this sweet, sweet baby girl.

I keep thinking about this very day a year ago. Certain I was in labor, going to see my doctor, wondering when I might need to go the hospital. The day included dining out {with Greg}, shopping {for Ben}, and walking {for me, I think}. We went to The Cheesecake Factory, then to get Ben some new jammies. I even shoe-shopped! We walked until I was sure Cameron would land on her head in the middle of some random store. Finally back to Emma's office, where she pronounced us 'ready', whatever that means. Over to L&D to get checked in and then, to, well, labor. And labor I did, although my memory is fuzzy, hazy and tremendously happy.

Cameron arrived just after eight in the evening, a surprisingly tiny six pounds and seven ounces with perfectly functioning lungs. She began crying shortly after her arrival, and continued crying until five the next morning. Little did I know that her spunky, feisty, FABULOUS personality was making itself known during those early hours.

She warms my very soul, her smiles stop me in my tracks. She is a million little things, wrapped up in this tiny fire-cracker package.

Love our Diva, love her so.



  1. I'm teary eyed. It goes so fast. She's precious, you are precious...

  2. I love you, Cameron girl! And, I love your mama to pieces!


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