April 24, 2009

Bathing Beauty & Barf Buckets

We're nursing Ben through a terrible bout of strep throat and the stomach flu {more on that below}. Split bath routines are in force, as are frequent whispered prayers, to hopefully keep Cameron well. She loves the undivided attention. Tonight she babbled and blew kisses at her daddy while I happily snapped away. A very bright spot in the midst of some very blue days.

Ya'll, my Ben is so sick. He threw up around the clock {and around the park, and around the house, and around his room} until he was so weak he couldn't even keep his sad puppy-dog eyes open. Off to the ER for some IV fluids, zofran and a mega-dose of antibiotics . . . He has slept all but four hours today. The word pathetic comes to mind. The learning curve is steep this time around, but I'm happy to announce the following:

-Car seats should be cleaned often. Waaaay often. I know this. Thanks to half a bottle of Oxy, mine is finally clean again. Clean and sterile.

-You can wash custom upholstery on the back patio.

-Cursing doesn't help. Really, it doesn't.

-There is no diaper large enough to keep the sheets you've already washed four times safe from the 'tail-end' of the stomach flu.

-Everyone needs a NAP Cuddle Blanket from Brookstone. And they're on SALE right now! Seriously, nothing can penetrate this blanket. And my lovely son has put his to the test!!! So if you don't buy one because it's incredibly soft and comes in all these great colors and is trimmed in baby-soft-satin just like Little Giraffe products, then buy it to protect your sofa for years to come. I promise, it will be the best "Sick Blankie" you ever buy.

-Pedialyte really is gross.

-Walgreen's sells Pedialyte strips that are also gross.

-Having a newborn is NOT the only time in life that you can get away with not showering for days on end.

-There is nothing worse than not being able to help your child.

-There is no award for being a good mother. But a whispered "Thank you, Mommy" when you've kissed away tears or filled another cup with Sprite or changed the sheets again is better than being named Mother of the Year.



  1. you are mother of the year! you are a great mom; you've handled this so well! I love the pictures of Cameron!!

  2. praying ben will get well soon and the rest of the family will stay healthy. the pictures of cameron are great!!! i want one of those blankets from brookstone!!!!

  3. Oh honey - you're deep in the trenches now, aren't you. So sorry for the mess and exhaustion and for poor Ben who is surely on the mend now. I hope and Cameron and Greg all manage to avoid catching this whopper of a bug. On the bright side - Cameron has never looked quite so sparkling clean, so utterly healthy, so deliciously happy - all in the midst of terrific chaos. What a great trick!!! Hang in there kiddo. Kirsten

  4. OH Amanda, I am so sorry... That just sounds awful. Poor, Poor Ben.. I pray he is better soon and that this misses the rest of you! I love your spin on things...So Sad a post, yet I somehow end up smiling!

    Love the Pics of Cameron...Her Eyes, Oh so much like her mommy!

    Call you soon to see what we can do!

  5. Poor Benny! Are you guys doing better? I have a batch of homemade spaghetti sauce for you. I'd be happy to sling it at your door and run away today! Call me love!


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