August 02, 2012


Good heavens.  Summer-time has proven to be long on activity and short on cool breezes!  We're here, I just selfishly decided to have fun with my kids instead of documenting it.  And someday I'll wish for pictures, as the memories will surely fade--but I must admit I prefer my perch amongst the activity as opposed to hiding out behind the lens! 

Magic Kingdom 2012

A favorite princess was everything she had hoped for . . .

Two of my favorite princesses together!

Turns out Greg wanted to meet a princess {or two, or three}!

Benjamin loves his Uncle Dustin!

Cameron & Snow White

I'd rather be riding Space Mountain with Coco!

The two very special people who took us to Disney World!

Jacob, Cameron, Matthew, Benjamin, Paige & Caitlin

Did y'all know Chef Mickey's has red wine?

Seriously.  These poor folks.  No idea where their kids were . . .

Paigers, Coco & Big Dad came to visit!

Love Bug continues to grow, mostly whiskers and fur now.

Still working on Chez Burkett! 

Currently dog-sitting for this Love Bug, also known as Freckles. 

Holly--looking sweet--but actually guarding her rawhide.
I couldn't summarize the last eight weeks if I tried. 

So happy a picture's worth a thousand words . . .

School's back in session in four tiny weeks, so I've gotta get back to summer{ing}.


  1. Amanda girl! So happy to have a minute to sit down and visit a few blog friends. The unpacking can wait! I needed a pick me up! I love the way you really LIVE. If I weren't such a writer at heart, I'd do a lot less blogging. Chez Burkett (which I just pronounced in my head as "bur-kay") is lovely! xoxo!

  2. P.S. I don't think I've thanked you for your sweet offer! Super sweet. Thanks so much!

    P.P.S. I had to try that super secret code thing six times to finally get one I could read! Am I that blind? Time for glasses? :)

    1. Sweet Linsey-Girl! I NEVER get it right on the first try with the secret code thing . . . I need to get rid of that, I just don't know how!

      I just read your latest post. I'm heart-sick for you. I'm also so very proud of you, and so very INSPIRED by you. Was attempting to "perfect" some areas of the yard today, it's my therapy, and it just didn't turn out how I'd hoped . . . Am praying that I'll learn to really TRUST in Him--and love Him all the more for loving me enough to give me a life of imperfections. Sweet Savior, draw me near to you. And my darling Linsey--Lord, cover her with your grace--and demolish the fleas!

      Girl--how do you wash all the slips? And do you just do the cushions/pillows, or the whole sofa too? Cold water? Any tips? Do you iron after drying??? HELP! I'm terrified of messing them up!

      Love you so--and may have to wear socks and flip-flops in your honor today.


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