August 06, 2012

Girl + Garden

Impromptu fall wardrobe modeling session in the garden this morning . . .

Love those big old chocolate brown eyes!

Outfit two, lovingly brought to you by Big Dad & Kate.

Spent the last three weeks trimming, moving, editing & hanging with girl pictured above. 
She is my right-glove in the garden.  I'm rarely lonely out there!

Added a new rock path.  First, dug out about a gazillion river rocks
to make room for the new path.  Hence afore-mentioned three weeks work. 

Growing pinecone collection.  We add a few every day, it seems.
May paint them for the holidays and add to the glittery decor at Chez Burkett!

Added Nymph White Salvia this year--may be my new favorite
{it's the tall plant in the background, about to expode with blossoms again!}

Chez Burkett {Summer 2012}


  1. Girl, it's beautiful. But of course it is, you did it and you have a gift at making things (and daughters) beautiful. Love you!

    1. You bless me in a million ways, cherished friend! Am itching for school to get back in session--we are LONG overdue for coffee.


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