May 03, 2012

the littlest lady

Lotion is a favorite snack of Holly's, especially if it's on my toes!

In 90% of my Holly-Girl pictures she is RUNNING towards me!

She's a regal little English Lady.  Those baby jowels!

Mischevious, always.

Keeper of our hearts, Ellie's faithful snuggle-buddy
and Lady-like, well, almost always!


  1. She's so cute! I can hardly wait to babysit her! And you're lucky that you can get pictures of Holly running to you. Freckles is attached to me and anytime I try to get a picture he's too close to get a good one.

    1. I am so glad you are babysitting for me!! I'm working sooooo hard on having her fully house-trained for you! She was doing so good, and then this week she had several boo-boo's.

      I would be HAPPY to take pictures of Freckles anytime--if you'd like! I LOVE TAKING PICTURES! I'm not a pro, but I have a good camera, and that helps a lot!


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