July 19, 2011

real life & an update

I noticed {yesterday} a sweet local store was putting out fall and holiday decor. That puts me like four to five months further behind than I realized!!

And lastnight {at nine o'clock} our new fridge was delivered. Still unsure as to why it wasn't delivered today, during it's scheduled window between ten and two. The delivery man was kind enough to get it to the front porch, and then he bailed! We broke brother-in-law's dolly attempting to get the fridge in the house. And, to make things a wee-bit sticky, it's about a half-inch too tall for it's custom niche. The carpenter should be here soon. Rats, rats, rats.

The service-engine light came on in the car. Yuck.

I let the kiddos eat pizza yesterday for lunch, and I'm paying dearly for it. Cameron never takes it as hard as Ben does, but both are in a dye/preservative food fog today. Brother's Pizza is now on the black list {and I should have known better}.

A snack we all love, love, love is this Darrell Lea liquorice:

We love it in mango and green apple, too. Sold at Cost Plus World Market. Or amazon.com in bulk!

Back to real life . . . I'm going to need a triente {sp?} Starbucks today. Green tea and lemonade, here I come.

I am still addicted to pinning. Pretties, pretties everywhere, and happy beauty-seekers {like this cutie} meet me there regularly! I'm still working on this sweet house. I'm still busy, busy, busy chasing after Ben & Cam. I'm not in the garden, it's just too hot.

So this is our mantra, and I am really working on the "grace" part:

When the dust settles {it's flying now, the carpenters are here with about seventeen power tools}, and I've gone through a box of Swiffers, I'll post new pics.

Christmas will just have to get in line!!!



  1. oh...how exciting. new fridge... what else are you up to ms. thang. i can't wait to see :-)

  2. I'm so sorry about some of the things that crimped your day, but there's something I like about this post...about the way you're moving on and doing grace.

    I know all about the food fog...ALL about it. The best news is that this too shall pass. And that each day is a new, clean slate day.

    Love and hugs to you,


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