July 01, 2011

a full plate

look at that kid! he is so serious!!! my ben plays with conviction, and he's been getting some serious play-time in lately.

have i mentioned lately how busy he is? he runs everywhere. never stops moving. and, lately, has developed strong liking for hanging out in my pantry. he's eating me out of the house, although none of it sticks to him! i'm going to have to start making peanut-butter-banana milkshakes . . .

lately, too, he goes down to the kitchen in the early morning, and he pours his own milk. i love that!

his little sister is up to her own shenanigans. she's forever tying herself up, and then re-enacting a scene with rapunzel and moo-gene. a wee-bit cooky, but happy, and i wouldn't trade for the world!

this post is all over the place . . .

too much to do, too much to do . . . we leave tomorrow for a one-day jaunt to dallas, to celebrate my grandmother's 90th.

in preparation, i got a mani-pedi {second time ever}, and i feel pampered and pretty. also packed up a bunch of dye-free snacks for the little people to indulge in, and my sweetie picked up some new leapster games. the car ride should be a piece of cake. i'm already thinking about the giant starbucks and the easy conversation.

i'm hoping this studmuffin will let me drive some on the trip. his driving is a wee-bit scary to me. please, g, can i have a turn behind the wheel?

aforementioned hubs bought me a brand-new fridge on eBay!!! it's not here yet, but i won't have any problem committing to a wait-and-see-when-it-gets-delivered day next week. stay tuned for pics.

and . . . this post gets more jumbled by the second . . . here are some {not great} pics of my freshly painted {super great} doors.

did you spy it? my little bistro towel bar with french linens hanging from it? it's the newest addition to the island, and i still need to work on 'staging' it just so . . . maybe in september??? i always think i'll get around to everything in september . . . but back to the pretty doors!

i think there are twenty-eight doors to do {total}. downstairs i have two left. upstairs i have eighteen!!! yikes!! twenty more do go . . .

which means i need to stop blogging . . . bye for now, back with more soon!


  1. That is one very full post (and life), Miss Amanda! But you sound happy and very present! That's awesome!


  2. Thought of you with my post today, and am excited that a real life get together is very possible for us!


  3. Very cute blog! So glad I found it.

  4. Love the painted doors! I want to do that one day but it's such a massive undertaking... plus I need to touch up our baseboards all over the house.


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