January 13, 2011

House Parts: Kitchen Part 1

Before and after is easier to do when one has documented the before. Bare with me as I bare my kitchen soul.

Here's my best before shot, taken shortly after moving in. Prior to moving in we tore out the wallpaper and textured/painted the walls. We pulled out both a pot rack and the brass-flying-saucer-chandelier. White Corian, glazed peach tile with Malibu-Barbie suntan colored grout and yellowing {formerly white} thermofoil drawers/doors. I loved the functionality of the space. Fortunately, the kitchen didn't need a complete overhaul, just a face-lift.

Phase One included installation of the following:
-Honed black granite counters with a 3cm square edge
-Blended travertine subway tile, honed & tumbled
-Kitchenaid gas cooktop & dishwasher
-Blanco single basin undermount sink
-This faucet in polished nickel, the bling and my favorite part of the remodel thus far!
-Custom open shelving for display & new shelf at the window

My favorite part was watching Greg demo the counters and backsplash. We bid adieu to the flesh-toned past. Happy trails to the old vent-hood, cook-top, sink and 1980's faucet.

Bet you want pictures. So do I. I took one shot before my camera died.

Phase Two took place over the last few weeks. More on that tomorrow . . . Until then, here's a preview.


  1. How do you like your honed black granite? Any problems with water or finger print stains?

  2. I have little kids, so they do leave fingerprints . . . A simple wipe-down with a glass-cleaning wipe takes care of any water marks or prints. About once a week I clean it with Sprayway Granite cleaner. I love the way it looks, and so far, haven't found it hard to keep spotless!


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