January 15, 2011


A recent Saturday morning conversation with Ben . . .

Ben: Mommy, you're my most favorite girl in the whole world.

Me: {melt} You're my most favorite boy in the whole world.

Ben: Well, there's a girl in my school that's my real favorite girl.

Me: {crushed, trying to hide my disappointment} There is?

Ben: Yep, the girl with the ponytail like yours.

Me: {hopes getting higher} Just like mine?

Ben: Yep. But she's my real favorite. I forget her name.

Me: {I could spot this girl's ponytail a mile away, it's amazing. Do you sense jealousy?} Is it Macie?

Ben: Yes, it's Macie! But she doesn't love me. I love her, and she just doesn't love me.

Me: Well, that's okay. Mommy loves you best of all {hoping for a big hug now}.

Ben: Guess so.

Me: And when Macie grows up, she'll come around {but no one will ever love you like I do}.

The greatest love is a mother's, then a dog's, then a sweetheart's.
~Polish Proverb

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