January 24, 2011

The Blues

I have two sick little ones & a semi-sick husband.

It's dreary, rainy & cold.

There are twenty-something samples of paint up on the exterior of my patch-work house, and no hope of glorious painter-friendly sunshine.

I have the blues.

Blue happens to be my favorite color. And you're probably thinking that I'm sad. Nope. I am one happy girl. An early a.m. visit to my favorite pediatrician confirmed liquids were needed, not antibiotics. The dreary weather is indicative of staying in and camping out with blankets and popcorn on the couch. And the sick hubs gave me this rockin' blue present over the weekend!

That's the inside of my perfectly pretty cobalt blue convection oven. Be still my heart.

This means that Phase Two of our kitchen overhaul is officially complete {minus one little drawer pull and a bit of touch-up paint}.

Phase Three {aka island & fridge} is a long ways off. But that's okay with me, because today I have the cobalt blues!

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry to hear your family is sick! I hope everyone is feeling better! Amazing oven! And kitchen!


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