March 31, 2009

Ben turns THREE!

This a.m. the birthday boy requested a special Sprite. Wish #2 granted.
Wish #1 was for blueberry muffins, also granted, but not pictured.

Funny faces for the camera {okay, this was my wish, Ben happily complied}.

Ben had our undivided attention & a chocolate fudge sundae for lunch.

Standing on the table drew a little too much attention.
He made it through the first chorus of "Happy Birthday" before the tell-tale frown emerged.

He even licked the glass clean. My kinda kid.
Happy Birthday, Benjamin. Your wish is my command.



  1. Happy Birthday, Ben!!! I LOVE the last picture. You are getting really good wtih your camera!

  2. Great pictures!!! Happy Birthday Ben!

  3. We love you, Ben! We can't wait to come and play monster trucks!

  4. Happy Birthday Ben! A big cutie pie is what you are!! May you grow to be a lover of Jesus!! Many Blessings!

  5. I absolutely LOVE these pictures! Ben is such a cutie pie! We must get them together! We are well this week!!! How about you? Tee hee...dare I ask!?


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