April 14, 2013


My pint-sized sous chef will be FIVE!!!

She is a snuggle bug, still, always. 

Always up for some glam time with her momma. 
This girl of mine can hang just fine with the boys--neon manicure to boot!
More on this TOMORROW!  Wallpaper goes in and I can hardly wait!


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Cameron! It's already your birthday in Australia :-) Amanda-- the tease with the bathroom picture... Oh I love it!

    1. truthfully--i was waaaay too tired to do a real post! :-) but i had one good photo on my iphone! hopefully it will be enough to MAKE me to do a real post! miss you so much, my tracey-girl!

  2. Gotta love a snuggle bug! Happy birthday to your little one, ours is 21 today!! It goes so fast :)


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