April 16, 2013

Finito!  Completion!  Concluded!  Hook, line & sinker . . .  Lock, stock & barrel!  Okay, the shower glass goes in later this week, but it doesn't really count, right?  And I need to hang a little art, maybe add an orchid, etc., etc.

His & Hers vanities with a Linen Storage Cabinet

You can find links and sources on my Bath Reno board on Pinterest.  If you haven't discovered Pinterest, I will happily send you an invite to lose countless hours pinning away beautiful magazine quality images.  It's my down-time just before my bed-time.  A few of the show-stoppers include the grasscloth wallcovering and the polished nickel fixtures.

Kraftmaid Hardware in Polished Nickel

More hardware by Kraftmaid {I love to mix knobs & pulls in a space}
I'm completely certain one can't have too many blue & white garden stools. 
This is en route, and will be my shaving perch in the shower.  Makes me soooo happy!

Crema Maril Hexagon Honed {Shower Floor}

The space is on the second floor, nestled under a huge canopy of trees. 
Even on a cloudy day {pictured} it gets plenty of natural light.
I'm not ready to put holes in my new grasscloth paper yet!  Maybe next week!
I have a sweet black forest deer that will probably go between the mirrors.


The shower held it's own set of issues.  Mold and rot existed under the old shower pan.  Electrical ran under the old seat/bench.  And there was a window.  In the shower.  On the front of the house.  A major privacy issue, yes.  But I learned winter-time showering with a single-pane window can lead to some major chill-bumps and razor burn!  It is now "gone" from the inside, but remains intact to balance the exterior window design on the front of our home's exterior.  We planned to use the subway tile in the shampoo niches, but ran into some cutting/pattern issues, hence Plan B which included some travertine and the crema marfil marble mosaic.  Truthfully, this was one of those problems that worked out for the best. 

The Water Closet was given a face-lift as well . . .  Paper, new loo & cabinet upgrade.
So far only one bath in my new soaker-tub.  Hoping for some quiet afternoon R&R in it soon! 

The drawers are lined with a soft tone-on-tone scenic toile paper, a freebie from my mom!

To recap:
-Cabinet color is Benjamin Moore "White" {satin impervo finish}.  "White Dove" is usually my go-to paint color for cabinets, but my bathroom needed something brighter.
-Wallcovering is Seabrook Eastern Expressions Grasscloth GP1016
-Wallcovering lining cabinets/drawers is an unknown toile, leftover from my mother's house
-Flooring is Halilah Gold travertine honed & filled
-Counters & Tub Deck feature Crema Marfil marble, honed finish
-All fixtures are Newport Brass Chesterfield Collection in a polished nickel finish
-Sinks are Toto Rendezvous Cotton White undermount style basins.  I love their Sanigloss finish which really keeps things neat & clean.  Also, they don't put a label on their sinks, which keeps things looking crisp. 
-Cabinet hardware is from Kraftmaid, polished nickel finish {special order at Home Depot}
-Toilet is Kohler Bancroft elongated comfort height in white.  I love this toilet!!
-Shower Field Tile is ADEX Hampton Collection Beveled Subway in Bisque/Bone Crackle Finish
-Shower Floor Tile is Hexagonal Crema Marfil honed with
-Bathtub is Kohler Portrait Collection
-Shower Glass was Mirror Gallery Inc. in Houston.  I loved working with Glen Bray, and highly recommend their company for any glass or mirror needs you have.

There you have it!  The million dollar question my husband and I have asked one another for months {six very long months}, "Is this going to be worth it?" is now answered!  Absolutely!!!

I will find myself tomorrow morning with a very hot French vanilla thanking my lucky stars that a contractor doesn't ring my door bell and find me in my pajamas!  Pretty sure they're thankful, too. 


  1. Beautiful job A!! Chris and I are already starting to plan a bath redo when we get back. You know I started planning before we left and will have to use you and Greg!! Do you have a chair or bench to pull up to your make-up mirror or do you just sit on the edge of the tub? The grass cloth turned out amazing. I like how you used it on the weird bump outs. I could never decide if they should be treated like the wall or ceiling but you made the right call!!

    1. Thank you sweetheart! I'm a fast make-up routine girl, so no stool required! I stand and throw it on as fast as I can . . . We ripped out all the furr-downs {sp?} in November. I have hated those from the very beginning! :-)

  2. What a beautiful reno! I'm building a house now, so thanks for all the info. I love the mirrors. Where did you get them?!

    1. Thank you so much! So exciting to be building your personal home . . . Something I hope we get to do one day! The mirrors are from Ballard Designs, and I'm so pleased with them. Very lightweight, easy to hang.

  3. It is just lovely! Very worth the wait- enjoy!!

  4. HOORAY!!! Love the way it all turned out. Not sure which would make me happier...the new bathroom or not having a contractor in my house! I hope you get to stay in your PJs comfortably and privately all day long if you want to! Had to laugh that you wrote "love this toilet!" I love a girl who can love a toilet! :) xoxo!

    1. Thank you so much, Sunshine! I'm so happy with it--it turned out beautifully. And it's a simple, peaceful, quiet space in my home. Now I've got to find a lock for the double doors to keep it that way! :-) Stayed in my pj's all day Monday! Today the shower glass came, so I relived contractor-hosting and am already planning on TWO cups of coffee tomorrow. Thank you for your darling comment. I'm here to help in any way when you tackle yours, okay? Love you!

  5. Your bathroom is beautiful and so serene looking!! I love how all the cabinetry looks like furniture pieces. Hope you all have been enjoying it. And many thanks for the source list.
    Happy summer!
    Cheers from DC,

    1. Loi--you made my day! Thank you ever so much! Am loving your instagram photos of late--your many captured moments have stopped me in my tracks. I need a "love" button, as "like" simply doesn't do it justice. Hope you're knee-deep in the garden with puppies in tow. Fondly--Amanda

  6. Love your work Amanda. I follow you on Pinterest. How do I contact you for interior design work? I live just south of The Woodlands.

  7. Amanda, I keep flipping back to this post which I know is several months old now. I am in awe of your make-up drawer. I am a pretty organized person, but not my make-up drawer. That picture is making me want to empty mine into the trash and get all new stuff! The bathroom as a whole looks beautiful. We are thinking about redoing ours too... Yikes!

    1. Amy--Thank you so much for your post--made my whole day!!! I do love my new bathroom--and can't imagine ever going back to "color" in a small space. I'm smitten with creams and whites and the way they make a space look bigger and brighter. On another note, I'm constantly throwing things out! I read this wonderful post just last week about "if you don't use it, lose it". I'll forward it to you--it's truly brilliant. I think I feel better in my home with less stuff. My kids don't love this, but I try very hard to teach them that we will benefit from purging, and so will others! Super-exciting to get to redo your bath! I still remember seeing it and loving all the extra storage you had in your closest! It's a great investment--both in your living and in the future! ;-) Happy New Year, Friend!!!

  8. I’m loving this bathroom, thanks for sharing.


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