September 02, 2011

Love Bug & Linen

So, I'm just going to admit that I'm terrible at blogging these days.

Life took over.

Ben has adjusted beautifully to the new kindergarten routine. His teacher is a doll! We live right around the corner from his elementary school, and are eagerly awaiting some fall walking weather. Cameron & have big plans to pick him up via scooters as soon as the outdoor sauna-style temps let up.

Both monkeys got flu vaccines on Monday. Both monkeys were sick by Tuesday afternoon. Today Ben is back in action {I seriously think I heard him screaming wildly on the playground this morning--we were gardening}. This Love Bug and her box of Kleenex are my constant companions. A box of twistable Crayons {thanks Coco--you were right} helped bring a smile to her face today.

A long hot shower helped her disposition a bit. Annie's bunny snacks helped her disposition a lot. If you see me at HEB with a very sick little girl, it's because we ran out of bunny snacks.

Subject change! My sweet chairs {found them on Woodlands Online in February} came back from the upholstery shoppe last week! I. COULD. NOT. LOVE. THEM. MORE!

Ready for a serious before & after?

These wingback chairs were a beautiful scale, and in perfect condition. I love wingback chairs. They have such pretty lines, and add height to a room. My living room is two-story, with clerestory windows. It's a small room, but feels large with all the light & volume.

AFTER! I am so pleased. I took tons of fabric and a little sketch to my upholsterer {Ken Arnold, Arnold Furniture Studios}. I wanted traditional-meets-updated. The waterfall skirt detail gives the chairs weight in the room, and the 1/2" welt is a detail I copy from Charles Faudree, a favorite designer of mine. I think they turned out beautifully!

Working on a tableskirt to go between the chairs. I want a gathered cream linen, something soft & plain. I found several yards of a hemp trim for the base of the skirt. I'm crossing my fingers that my mother and I can spend a morning at High Fashion soon.

There is still much to be done in this room this house. But I truly enjoy these projects . . . I'm blessed to have a husband who enjoys this home also, and appreciates the pieces that warm my heart! I know I'll greet many mornings in these chairs, hot cup of coffee in hand, while I prepare for another day with my little family.

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  1. You are precious! My youngest loves those bunnies, too! I'm so thankful for natural alternatives. Isn't it weird/sad that natural is considered the abnormal, alternative thing these day? I that you have some beautiful and cozy chairs for sipping hot coffee. Now if only this heat would let up a bit so we aren't sweating when we drink our hot beverages!



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