August 17, 2011

Tessie {the Third}

Introducing the newest King Charles Spaniel, Tessie {yep, third one, my parents just can't let go}. She joined the clan about a week ago.

Benjamin & Cameron are in heaven, and beg daily to go visit the new puppy. She's all things puppy--wriggly and mischievous, topped with a curly tongue and the unmistakable smell of puppy breath. She's a little sweetheart, and already holds captive our hearts.

What a doll. She's kind of a bossy little thing. Growls at my mother during frequent moments of discipline. She has big paws to fill. I have faith in her ability to rule the roost and warm our laps, as these spaniels are known to do.

Cam's excited about the newest imp. Takes a bit of the pressure off her own tiny shoulders!


  1. Cutie pie...both the puppy and your little girl! Such a perfect photo of your little girl.


  2. We love Cavaliers. We just got a 3-year old rescue last Friday. So cute and sweet!!


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