May 03, 2011

Rapunzel & Moo-gene

Have you seen Tangled? We have. About ninety-nine times thus far. And it's a happy movie, so I'll gladly watch it again!

Cameron is a little bit obsessed with Rapunzel's big hair. She tells me she wants a "big yellow hay-uh from Target". It's in the mail, en route, and I can hardly wait for her to see the new Rapunzel dress-up wig her daddy found for her online.

In the mean time, she continues to rob every bathroom of it's much-needed toilet paper. She wraps it around a headband and happily dances about. I find myself frequently hollering from the loo, "Rapunzel, let down your hay-uh." She doesn't like to lend her locks to her mother, and doesn't consider theft of Charmin a punishment worthy crime.

Some days we settle for lots of beautiful ribbons. Lots and lots. Inspired by these lovely locks . . .

Can you see the resemblance?

Cameron's favorite part of the role-play is when big brother Ben assumes the role of Eugene, whom she calls Moo-gene. He's a plays her love interest with conviction, and always dresses the part.

I hope there's someone with Rapunzel hair or at least a Superman cape in your life this morning!


  1. I love the way Cameron's hand is posed in that one picture...and I love how incredible of a mom you are!


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