May 31, 2011

Pin addiction

This is a confession.

I can't stop pinning.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, a bulletin board, if you will, for us computer junkies. Pinning means all my favorite ideas are happily tucked away inside my trusty laptop. No more torn magazine pictures littering my filing system. There's even an iPhone Pinterest app! What could be more fun?!!

Here's a teeny-tiny sampling of some of the lovely images I've tacked to my boards:

So, here's a formal invitation to find pretties for your very own pinboards! Click on the little red button {it will serve as your invitation}, then set up an account, and finally, grab your pin-it-button for your browser.

In case you aren't totally convinced, here's a little more eye-candy!

So, happy pinning! And please don't blame me if you find yourself afflicted with a similar pin addiction!

P.S. If you're not a design-junkie, know that among my fellow pinners you will find wildly creative crafters, photographers, chefs, art lovers and more!

1 comment:

  1. How's the pinning coming along? I went wild the first day...mostly because I was addicted to getting everything organized just the way I like it. So fun!



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