April 20, 2010

news in ninety seconds

i didn't take pictures of my little darling on her second birthday. i will make it up. somehow. someday.

greg fell down the stairs {for the umpteenth time, as he's too macho to hang on to the hand rail}. he suffered the most horrific injury i've ever seen. his left {ahem} cheek has a black/purple/royal blue bruise the size of a ruby-red grapefruit. not even kidding. he asked me if i thought he could get a blood clot from it. if that thang starts to move he's going to have a massive stroke. i've begged to get a picture, but he knows me well enough to know that my mother, sister, girlfriends would receive text images within minutes . . .

both kiddos are great. they make my heart smile. until it hurts.

no current {fun} projects at chez burkett. we're waiting to see if a new roof is in our immediate future.

i think ellie is nearly deaf. she's still my honey. my little dog, a heart beat at my feet {someone brilliant and famous said that, not me}.

that's all. i'm exhausted.

more soon, i hope . . . if not, know at least i'm living it {not capturing it} to the fullest!


  1. ROFL! PLEEEEEEASE sneak a picture! I will be rolling for hours! Poor Greg. I hate to laugh at his expense, but the visual is just priceless. Great story, love!

  2. I recently fell down our garage steps and had a similar bruise. My rear end was purple, like nothing I have ever seen, for weeks. The worse part, is I was holing Gracyn when I feel, thankfully she was happily nestled on my right hip and I feel on the left, she didn't even seem to notice anything!!! Hope he feels better soon. :)

  3. Me and my Camera are waiting for sweet Cameron... and poor greg....tell him that it will feel better when it quits hurting - ha!

  4. I'd like to say in my defense to all those laughing at me, my wood stair builder told us not to use the Bona on the stairs. Ask Amanda what she uses to clean the stairs. And trust me, no one wants to see my big hairy behind. I'm did ya'll a favor. :-)

  5. amanda, i love you to pieces! i love how you take everything in and live it.


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