April 02, 2010

Ben Jammin' Turns 4!

And my mommy forgot to post something.

Just messing with ya. I should preface this by saying this is Ben's dad (Greg) writing and not his mommy. Of course, that is pretty evident considering this is my first time ever to blog and Amanda is already a pro. However, even she is human has been totally swamped with... well, everything so I thought I'd give her a break. With that said, I didn't want Ben's birthday to go by without wishing him one last.... Happy birthday Ben! I love you, buddy, and hope you enjoyed your day!



(One last thing, these pictures are from my cell phone and no where near the quality of what ya'll are used to getting from Amanda. But, they came from me and I think that's part of what blogging is about.)


  1. Thanks, G! I need all the help I can get!

  2. What a sweet, sweet hubby! SO nice to give you a break and such a sweet thing for Ben to see when he's a man.


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