January 04, 2010

In the Spot Light!

Prince Charming really outdid me on Anniversary No. 9 this year.

Before I post any pictures, I'm going to get personal {sorry}. I love design. It's a big part of who I am. I know that when God planned me, knit me together, He knew I'd love beautiful things. And while I do, very much so, love beautiful things . . . I am so blessed to know that they are, in fact, just things. So please know, when I go on and on about paint or hardware or lovely little garden gems or anything French, it's just a great love of mine. The greatest love is Him. I also happen to be pretty sweet on the gift-giver mentioned above.

Okay, her long-awaited debut . . .

I loved this house the minute I walked in the front door. I loved the windows and the light. The living room has two-story ceilings. The previous {original} owner never put a chandelier in the room. It was boxed/wired, thankfully, so I seized my opportunity!

To Greg and Uncle Bread {Brett}, and of course Ms. Michele for the van transportation and Mr. David for the truck-loan, thank you for all your hard work. Benjamin wants to say thank you for bringing a twenty foot ladder to his home {he's alone in his gratitude}.

I love it. I think it's perfect. Rock on, Ms. Italian Wooden Chandelier, rock on with your bad self!


  1. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! And, happy anniversary to one of the sweetest, most wonderful couples I know!

  2. OHHHH...... that is beautiful. It is so you too! I love it, just love it. they way you put things together just amaze me, amanda. just looking at you room with the skirted table with the greenery, etc. it is so well put together. certainly a God given talent you have!!!

  3. I know she's doing the right thing being a stay-at-home, but it's almost a crime to have her talents sit on the sidelines. Our house benefits from it though, so I can't complain too much.

  4. soooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love it!!!!!! lucky girl you are, this is beautiful!



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